Gustav Klimt – Country House by the Attersee

Come to me in my dreams,

For then by day I shall be well again.

For then, the night will more than pay the hopeless longing of the day.

Come, as thou camst a thousand times, and smile on thy new world.

And be as kind to others as to me.

Or, as thou never camst in sooth, come now, or let me dream it truth.

And part my hair and kiss my brow,

And say my love, why sufferest thou?

Come to me in my dream

And then by day, I shall be well again.

For then, the night will more than pay, the hopeless longing of the day.

– Matthew Arnold

I loved you so much last night!

You loved me absent.

I kissed you so much last night!

You looked at me absent.

I adored you without thinking of you physically. I kissed you without feeling myself on your face. I looked at you without a look and without the sun.

And is that possible, beloved?

Ask that cloud that crossed my dream and rested in your soul.

That rested in my soul?

Carried by the breeze, with the last note of my life in a song.

And the breeze, what did it do when it felt you in its meadows?

With confused eyes, it witnessed my invasion.

And it didn’t want to kiss you?

Its lips didn’t reach my heart in flower. It should have seen my face in a smile of water, with you in the emotion.

And thus you arrived, beloved?

Thus I looked at your soul, I kissed your smile, and adored your illusion

– Unknown

The Hidden Dream


O, hey, man who has burned my lips with the sparking flames of kisses. Have you seen anything in the depth of my two silent eyes of the secret of this madness? Do you have any idea that, in my heart, I hid a dream of your love? Do you have any idea that of this hidden love, I had a raging fire on my soul? They have said that the woman is a mad woman who gives kisses freely from her lips. Yes, but from your lips bestow life on my dead lips. May the thought of reputation never be in my head. This is I who seek you for satisfaction in this way. I crave a solitude and your embrace. I crave a solitude and the lips of a cup. An opportunity far from the eyes of others to pour you a goblet from the wine of life. A bed I want of red roses so that one night I may give you intoxication. O, hey, man who has burned my lips with the flames of kisses. This is a book without conclusion, and you have read only a brief page.


The Kama Sutra of Kindness: Position No. 2

Gustav Klimt – Danae

…It is not love I am asking
Love comes from years of breathing skin to skin
Tangled in each others dreams
Until each night weaves another thread
In the same web of blood and sleep
And I have only passed through you quickly
Like light
And you have only surrounded me suddenly
Like flame…
– Mary Mackey


ImageA woman can’t survive by her own breath alone. She must know the voices of the mountains. She must recognize the foreverness of blue sky. She must flow with the elusive bodies of night wind woman who will take her into her own self. Look at me! I am not a separate woman. I am a continuance of blue sky. I am the throat of the Sandia Mountains. I am a night wind woman.
-Joy Harjo